In 1936, Edward Leedskalnin, the creator of Coral Castle, released a small book, titled A Book in Every Home.

These high quality scans of the front cover are provided for anyone hoping to decode the secrets of this book.

If you examine the cover closely, you will notice Ed standing there, holding another book with the same title.

This small book within his hands represents the ‘real information’ in the book, specifically that which can be decoded. It is the contents of this small book that we are really after – the reason why A Book in Every Home exists at all.

When I say decoded, I mean a real numerical algorithm performed on the main complete text of the book itself.

The encoded text, when decoded, is much shorter than the input text, thus validating the apparent size of the real cover, compared to this small book cover, 

The process by why the text can be decoded is itself symbolized by all of the elements on the cover, and thus the small book ‘destination’ is included as the result of this symbolic pathway.

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4 months ago

I haven’t purchased his book yet, but plan to. The title is what “clicked” in my head for some reason even though I know nothing about electromagnetic energy. However, I thought the name of the book was odd for a guy who had written a book about magnetism. So then just the first letters “ABEH” were in red on one of the covers… when I searched that on the web I stumbled across an article discussing ABEH or what is currently referred to as “Arc-shaped Piezoelectric Bistable Vibration Energy Harvester”. It would seem Ed kept it simple and coded that as Arc-shaped Bistable Energy Harvester. I believe in this book he maps out how to create one… if his coding can be deciphered. That is my theory. In addition, I found it quite interesting that season 5 episode 3 of ancient aliens also makes mention to quartz crystal, obelisks and the use of piezo-electricity.

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