Col. Carrol A. Lake, engineer and author, spent two years interviewing the people of the Redlands area of South Florida to obtain the material used in this book. It is essentially factual and is all that is known of Edward Leedskalnin.


The book was released in the mid 1950’s. The exact date is now known.


The story is told in the 1st and 3rd person to give the reader an intimate feeling and rapprochement with Leedskalnin’s actual life during the thirty years he spent building his masterpiece.

This book is a must read and until recently it has been almost impossible to find.


I ask that credit is remembered for the Historical Museum of Southern Florida in any copies made of this material.


I retyped this copy myself by hand in very early in 2010 and it took me a long time, but it was worth it.


View or Download PDF File – Coral Castle Book – Carrol A. Lake.pdf 


The file is only about 400kb and will download quickly on any connection.


An audiobook version is also available on YouTube, with narration by Clint P.


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4 months ago

This is an excellent read, thank you for sharing.

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