The footage and photos on this page were taken by a friend in early 2017.

Here is a short video I compiled shortly afterwards.



Early in 2017 a drone was successfully navigated over the rocky terrain of Coral Castle, resulting in some impressive new perspectives on alignments within the stones. Cosmic Superpowers would like to thank the contributor of these photos for all they provide to research efforts and inspiration.


The most obvious change is a new quarry which appears to have been very recently excavated in the north. The origins or reasoning for its existence has not been completely established, and we expect to learn more about it soon. This new quarry does fall into interesting alignments with a section of the north wall. Get in touch with us if you have more information about this ‘enhancement’ of Coral Castle.


Make sure to click on images for a larger view, or right click for the largest view.


Facing the South East:


Coral Castle Florida Aerial Photograph


Over the well known quarry in the South of Coral Castle:


Coral Castle Florida Aerial of the Quarry in the South


The greatest photo for comparing alignments of the stones:


Coral Castle Florida Aerial Photograph 3


Next to the North Pond and the Polaris Telescope is the new quarry:


Coral Castle Florida Aerial Photograph 4


Coral Castle Florida Aerial Photograph 5


Coral Castle Florida Aerial Photograph 6


Coral Castle Florida Aerial Photograph 7



Get in touch if you need to use these photos.


We are also happy to provide higher resolution copies of the images, especially for research purposes.


Two photos taken at ground level show the new quarry, including a sign that fails to answer all of our questions.


Coral Castle Florida Aerial Photograph 8


Coral Castle New Quarry in the North


Later, in 2018, additional footage was uncovered of what looks like a chair on its side.




We are still interested in anyone with more information.




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