These 8 short videos introducing Cosmic Superpowers were produced and released in September of 2018.


Episode 1: Masonic Superpowers

A normal human can awaken and access his hidden energies in order to gain access to a wealth of new abilities. The art and architecture from the past provides the opportunity for an unraveling effort. We can attempt to understand how a secret of the invisible human energy body has been utilized by the elite and the strange across ages of time.
Also see: Transcript and Images

Episode 2: Triangles of the Energy Body

Examining the art of the Freemasons across a wider historical context allows us to identify two geometrical structures, the 3-4-5 triangle, and the Square Root of Two formation. These two structures are found to be related to the human energy body.

Also see: Transcript and Images

Episode 3: Superpowers in Plain Sight

Sources of information are revealed allowing the incremental decoding of the greatest Masonic secrets of all time. Alexander Slade’s Masonic Man and George Kenning’s Masonic Emblems are introduced together, where many parallel’s can immediately be drawn. This provides us a great starting point for understanding Masonic Superpowers and how they apply to the human energy body.

Also see: Transcript and Images

Episode 4: Cloaked in the Vesica Piscis

The Vesica Piscis is a symbol revered by Freemasons and religions alike. Glimpse some insights into its particularly meaningful geometric connections, leading to significance inside the human energy body.

Also see: Transcript and Images

Episode 6: The Norman Hall in the Grand Masonic Lodge

A tour of the Norman Hall, in the Grand Masonic Lodge of Pennsylvania, located at the Philadelphia city center, across the street from City Hall. Many spectacular images are included.

Also see: Transcript and Images

Episode 7: Coral Castle (Rock Gate Park)

Coral Castle is an enigmatic structure built in Florida by Latvian immigrant Edward Leedskalnin during the first half of the 20th century. Coral Castle contains many secrets which draw our attention, providing a seemingly endless source of clues and inspiration.

Also see: Transcript and Images

Episode 8: Magnetic Flywheel at Coral Castle

An enigmatic magnetic machine left behind by Edward Leedskalnin at Coral Castle is examined and found to be a tool of an ancient occult science. Known as the Flywheel, Leedskalnin built this device from parts of Model T Ford cars and could ultimately use the machine for the manipulation of cosmic forces, including Gravity, to help him construct his castle.

Also see: Transcript and Images

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