Korallu Pils is a rare and highly sought after 278 page Latvian book on Coral Castle.


There is nothing better available on Ed’s history and family in Latvia, before he traveled to the United States.


Korallu Pils was written by Andris Stavro, a Latvian, and published in 2005.

The words ‘Coral Castle’ translate to ‘Koraļļu pils’ in Latvian.


Korallu Pils (Coral Castle) book front cover


Inside the latvian book Korallu Pils (Coral Castle).


Korallu Pils (Coral Castle) book back cover


If you visit Coral Castle and take a look in the small museum, you may notice a stone in the display cabinet with a sign that reads”



A stone in the Coral Castle museum.


This stone was contributed to the Coral Castle museum by the author of Korallu Pils, Mr. Andris Stavro in 2003.


Here is a map of Latvia. You can see that Stameriena, Ed’s birthplace, is in the East of Latvia.



This book is filled with information on Ed’s history not only in the United States, but in Latvia as well.


A preview of the many amazing photos are included below.


Edward Leedskalnin in 1910.


Ed’s Sweet 16. Her name appears in the book not as Agnes, but Hermine Lusis.


A good copy of Ed’s 1944 citizenship certificate, containing the numbers 7129 6105195.



A photo Ed took of himself in 1950, the year before he passed away.


The book also includes detailed information about Ed’s history in Latvia and his journey through the United States before settling in Florida, as well as many other rare photos and much more.

I highly recommend this book for its rare images alone, and it appears to be a very well researched book.


You can also see a photo of the owner of Coral Castle with the author.

Hopefully a complete English translation will be available soon.


Where can Korallu Pils be purchased?


Latvian Websites such as Janis Roze once sold the book. Assuming that you don’t speak Latvian, the challenge to find this book could prove to be very difficult.


Alternatively, copies of Korallu Pils are also sold on ebay from time to time, although it may cost you one (or perhaps both) of your arms.



Is anyone else lucky enough to own a copy of this book?


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