The Flywheel is a magnetic machine left by Edward Leedskalnin at the Coral Castle in Florida. It was left with the intention that it can be used to help understand how Leedsklanin was able create the mystery of the Coral Castle, following his death in December, 1951.


The Flywheel can be turned by the handle and made to rotate the magnet poles which all point outwards from the device.


The Flywheel in the Tool Room at Coral Castle


Generally, we use the term ‘Flywheel’ to refer to both the Magnetic Wheel as well as its associated components; the MRA (Major Right Angle), Pipe, Wood Blocks, and assorted devices including metal pieces and coils.


Watch Episode 8: Magnetic Flywheel at Coral Castle

An enigmatic magnetic machine left behind by Edward Leedskalnin at Coral Castle is examined and found to be a tool of an ancient occult science. Known as the Flywheel, Leedskalnin built this device from parts of Model T Ford cars and could ultimately use the machine for the manipulation of cosmic forces, including Gravity, to help him construct his castle.



Additional images and information are included below.

This setup was left in the Tool Room at Coral Castle by Edward Leedskalnin.



The Tool Room is in the bottom level of the tower.

The Flywheel is defined by 120 of these V shaped magnets.



These magnets, along with other components Edward Leedskalnin used to build the Flywheel, were taken from old Model T Ford cars.

Ed got magnets from Model T Fords at my place to make his machine for making electricity. I talked with him many times at both places.Fred J Fuchs, 25 May 1955


See more comments from people who knew Ed.



The Ford magneto has 16 magnets, so it would take many sets of them in order to obtain the 120 magnets Leedskalnin needed for his Flywheel.

The magnets are arranged in 5 rows of 24 columns (5 * 24 = 120). The bends of the magnets are embedded in the cement.



I have derived relevant angles for the Flywheel based on redundant information encoded at Coral Castle. The polarities of the columns of magnets were also measured and found to alternate.



On the North and West sides of the Flywheel (and slightly below the level of the magnets) are two large blocks of wood. These are defined as the North Wood and West Wood, and are always referenced by the acronyms NW and WW.



These large wooden blocks, along with the metallic GS are used to build the Masonic Rough Ashlar, which is a prerequisite for building the Masonic Perfect Ashlar.


Above the Flywheel is a large Iron Right Angle, just like a Masonic arm put at right angles. This is used for dimensional breakdown of aether and is extensive in its usage in the operation of the technology. This is the Major Right Angle, the MRA. It has a hand in everything.



This shot offers a good perspective of the Flywheel, despite being behind the fence.



The Flywheel is a very mysterious device. Perhaps it should stay that way.

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