The first two videos I ever released were on The Crop Circle Ship, back in 2005 and 2006.


Most of the content on this page was created in 2005 to 2007, however it remains as relevant as ever.


Many crop circles have been determined to be part of the same blueprint for a starship, or UFO, named here as the Crop Circle Ship.Jeremy Stride


Here, you will learn that there is something more in the crop circles. Each formation is a small piece of the whole. As you will see throughout this website, the crop circles are a puzzle with their own rules for interconnecting between the designs. Once a certain symbol has been identified, it can be used in decoding other formations.


There is no absolute proof yet, for without the construction of such a craft, it would be impossible to provide. More than anything, my hope is that at least some other individuals can recognize the truth in this information.


I am 100% confident that the crop circle ship is real and can be reproduced if the crop circle formations are given sufficient attention.


Crop Circle Ship Logo


Many crop circle formations (regardless of their specific origin) are providing information on the construction of a physical vehicle that uses uses among other things, hydrogen, water, and microwaves. The ship features practical free energy, gravity shielding, star travel capabilities, and no doubt gives us the ability to experiment with all kinds of ‘far out’ technologies.


At this point, it is also necessary to inform you that there is absolutely valid information about the crop circle ship in some of the man-made formations – coincidences beyond coincidences – thus it should be considered that the consciousness behind the genuine formations can have some serious influence upon the human circle makers. This fact is one which can unfortunately confuse the situation, and perhaps reduce to value of the information to some readers, however I cannot neglect to mention it.


The truth is not black and white when it comes to which formations are “real” or “fake”.


While the character of each formation is unique, there exists many clues which can help us define a reference for which to connect the dots. On this website, I present another reality associated with the crop circle enigma.


While looking over the crop circles, remember that circles can be spheres, squares can be pyramids, lines can be microwaves, dots can be hydrogen, rings can be magnets, and plenty more.


For whatever reason, the crop circle ship is indeed an incredible reality, and anyone who believes themselves truly open minded should consider it objectively, keeping in mind that the information presented here is far from complete.


You are welcome to attempt to build the technology shown throughout this website.



  • Many crop circles have been determined to be part of the same blueprint for a flying machine, or Crop Circle Ship, as it will be referred to throughout this material.
  • All crop circles appear to be part of the same one construction. There are not ‘two’ Crop Circle Ships’. Formations I have studied generally appear to refer to different parts of the same thing.
  • There are many subtle details in some formations which are an obvious deliberate attempt to make the technological meaning clearer.
  • Each year, we receive more information from the crop circle formations on the construction of the crop circle ship, often increasingly specific or zooming in on particular areas at a time.
  • There are many formations which appear to convey unique information. For this reason documentation of every single crop circle is extremely important, man-made or otherwise.
  • In most, and perhaps all cases where there are multiple crop circle formations created in the same place at the same time, there is a technological connection between the formations.
  • It appears likely that the formations are coming to us from a kind of universal consciousness, intended to help us through these interesting times.



Crop Circle Ship Video – Parts 1 and 2



I thought it was best to avoid YouTube for this video, because some of the music might be more questionable to YouTube in 2020.


You can also download this video your computer at

(Right click and Save As…)


The original website for this information was

2006 and 2007 have some archives containing more of the information.*/




Early Images



Crop Circle Watersphere (Central object in the Tetrahedron)
Crop Circle Watersphere (Central object in the Tetrahedron)


Large Tetrahedron Structure
Large Tetrahedron Structure


Large Tetrahedron Structure and other primary elements
Large Tetrahedron Structure and other primary elements





Recent work on the Crop Circle Ship


Recently, more has been learned about the Crop Circle Ship. Some of this information may be posted to Cosmic Superpowers in the future.




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