It was while listening to a radio show featuring Joe Bullard on Coast to Coast AM that I first learned of the mysterious numbers Edward Leedskalnin left carved, not once, but twice, into the doorway at the top of the 16 steps.


Immediately I knew I had to investigate, and this initiated my interest in Coral Castle.


2008 saw the release of my video ‘The Secrets of the Universe’, which promptly drew large amounts of traffic thanks to more than a little help from Coast to Coast AM (which still retained a very large audience at the time).


Code 144 on Coast to Coast AM


Code 144 on Coast to Coast AM in 2009
Code 144 on Coast to Coast AM in 2009


This foundational video presented the decoding of a few critical elements, left in clues by Edward Leedskalnin. Most of the conclusions were derived ultimately from analyzing these numbers around the doorway, the 7129 6105195.


Watch Ancient Knowledge Part 4, or The Secret of the Universe to see a video introduction to these numbers.


There are strange numbers carved around the entrance to the upper part of the tower at Coral Castle. At both of the points marked in the image below are the numbers 7129 6105195.


Edward Leedskalnin left these numbers here before he passed away.


The locations of the numbers 7129 6105195 engraved at the Coral Castle tower doorway.
The locations of the numbers 7129 6105195 engraved at the Coral Castle tower doorway.


These are engraved twice. Surely it is strange to carve them so close to the ground, where no one would likely notice them.


Indeed, their purpose is symbolic and part of a much larger design that Ed has laid out at Coral Castle.


7129 6105195 closeup.
7129 6105195 closeup.


These numbers have multiple meanings. Like everything at Coral Castle, there is a meaning for the public, and then a deeper esoteric meaning that can often be difficult to understand.

Rumors persist that these numbers are from a citizenship certificate Ed had. These rumors are quite valid! While visiting Coral Castle for myself, I was able to confirm and photograph evidence that these numbers, 7129 6105195 are the same ones shown on this certificate:



Citizenship Certificate containing 7129 6105195
Citizenship Certificate containing 7129 6105195


Click on the image to enlarge it.


The petition number is 7129, and the certificate number is 6105195, the same as the numbers engraved on the wall.


This “certificate of naturalization” was issued to Ed in 1944, a long time after he had already been in the United States.


It appears as though Edward Leedskalnin was able to have some influence over the numbers he was issued, allowing him to integrate the numbers as another multifaceted clue at Coral Castle.


Many people will prefer at this point to believe that there is no other meaning to these numbers and that is understandable, though I would strongly encourage readers not to underestimate the greatness of the forces at work.


Coral Castle Book (McClure)
Coral Castle Book (McClure)



The above sentences were quoted on page 72 in the new (and highly recommended) Coral Castle Book by Rusty McClure and Jack Heffron.

The site’s (Code 144’s) director was not dissuaded from believing the formula significant even after he learned that the number was taken from Ed’s naturalization certificate. Given the passion and, in some cases, the erudition with which the proponents of what is called “ultrascience” state their beliefs, our goal is not to undermine or ridicule, but in this case, the ultrascientists clearly seem to be off base.Coral Castle Book


My response is that it is precisely this unwillingness to take a risk in one’s thinking that is why the great mysteries so rarely (or never) get solved.

Unless one is willing to take a risk of being wrong – to risk believing in something just for a while – one will never put one’s self in a position to see the next step along the way. The very nature of coming to understand something is by progression. And you just aren’t going to see the next step, because you haven’t allowed yourself the perspective. You hold yourself back indefinitely.Jeremy Stride


Coral Castle Entrance
Coral Castle Entrance


It is only by risking enough in your thinking, you will come to have a chance of understanding how true these things are. And that takes inspiration – and a little faith that it might go somewhere, even if you can’t see it right away.


I refuse to subscribe to the parochial thinking that so quickly eliminates the interest of others. I continue to have complete confidence in the meaning and value of these numbers.


In this case the steps have been carefully and strategically laid out by Leedskalnin, and like everything he left behind for us, there are multiple meanings.


These numbers have proved themselves to be a great place to start, and their relevance extends dramatically across the whole of the Coral Castle, and indeed, across many sacred systems of science.


Edward Leedskalnin old photograph
Edward Leedskalnin old photograph


Breaking up the code

Many people recite the code as 7129/6105195, and assume a division sign in between the two sequences. I am not certain how this rumor started. In reality, I was not able to make out any mathematical operators amidst the carvings of the numbers.


The first step to understanding the code is to divide it in the following way:

7   129
6   105   195


The 7 and 6 can separate off. The 105195 are also opened into 105 and 195.


Ed’s flywheel has 24 V-shaped magnets arranged over 360°, meaning that each magnet takes up 15°, because 360 divided by 24 is equal to 15.


To help understand the solution, we need to look at numbers arranged over a circle.


The numbers 105 and 195 from the code above are angles and first define a right angle in this wheel.

195 – 105 = 90, suggesting the 90° angle.


Not only are the 105 and 195 being 90° apart, they are also both just happen to be intervals of 15 and thus fit perfectly into the values on the wheel!



A circle into 24 parts.
A circle into 24 parts.


Next, the 7 and 129 in the code can be solved with the sequence of adding prime numbers.

The sequence of prime numbers added together need to also be added to our wheel alongside our 15° intervals.


129 is the sum of the first 10 prime numbers and this positions its value at 10 * 15°, or 150°.

This puts it at the center of the 105 – 195 right angle, at 150°.


A circle into 24 parts with prime numbers added together.
A circle into 24 parts with prime numbers added together.



Next, the line containing 6 and 105 195 can be solved with prime quadruplets and angles.

Click here to read about prime quadruplets at Wikipedia.


105 and 195 are at the centers of two consecutive prime quadruplets, in what would be an amazing coincidence if this weren’t a code.

{101, 103, 105, 107, 109}, {191, 193, 195, 197, 199}


Incredibly, a ratio of Phi exists between the centers of these two prime quadruplets – created by the prime sequence positions of the centers of the two prime quadruplets.


For example, the prime sequence number of 103 is 27 because 103 is the 27th prime number – a prime sequence number is the position of a prime number in the sequence of all prime numbers.


The 7 and the 6


To solve the 7 and the 6, they must each be multiplied by the number of magnets on the wheel, 24.


This gives 168 in the 7 129 line, and 144 in the 6 105 195 line.

7 x 24 = 168   129
6 x 24 = 144   105   195


168, because it is derived from the line 7 129 which is related to adding prime numbers, also has its solution related to the sequence of adding prime numbers.


Indeed, we find that 168 is the sum of four prime numbers: 37 + 41 + 43 + 47 = 168, and these prime numbers which surround the 195° axis of the wheel, part of our right angle!

Further, 144 because it is from the line 6 105 195, relates to prime quadruplets and angles.

There is a prime quadruplet that sits at prime sequence position 144, and another one at position 288.

Phi can be obtained yet again, this time its square root.



Phi within Prime Quadruplets.
Phi within Prime Quadruplets.


Phi within Prime Quadruplets.
Phi within Prime Quadruplets.


Watch Ancient Knowledge Part 4, or The Secret of the Universe to see a video introduction to these numbers.



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