Cosmic Superpowers is a rapidly growing central repository for users to share alternative information, including but not limited to the fields of alternative and esoteric sciences, secret space programs, UFO and extraterrestrial topics, history, art, mathematics, and the great mysteries of the world. Given the nature of these topics, information available on Cosmic Superpowers can sometimes be contradictory in nature. Many of our articles feature multiple points of view. We encourage users to add content openly so readers can decide for themselves what information matters to them.


Welcome to the Cosmic Superpowers

No Censorship

Genuine contributors can be assured that their work will be respected and retained in our rapidly growing collection of articles.

Contributions Your Way

All contributors can freely select how they want their content to be available to others, and whether they want to retain rights or release the content into the Public Domain.

Custom Software Platform

Cosmic Superpowers runs custom software which allows us to continue developing required features, supporting our growth long into the future.

Cosmic Superpowers Editors

Regular contributors to Cosmic Superpowers will be assigned editor status, giving access to advanced editing and moderation features. You can also contact us if you need editor status for other reasons.

Preservation of Information

We take our data backups seriously. Our database backups are generated multiple times each day. Our fully featured database will act as a secure information archive for a long time to come.



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