The Crop Circle Ship refers to the idea that many Crop Circles when analyzed in the proper context contain technological blueprints for building a complete interstellar vehicle capable of traveling the stars at speeds exceeding light.


The Crop Circle Ship was discovered by Jeremy Stride at the end of 2005 and announced the following year in two short videos.

Technical Overview

The physical construction of the Crop Circle Ship is made to resemble a macroscopic atom, complete with quantized electron properties and a nucleus which is identifiable as both a Proton source, and a manifestation of the Sun.

Advanced knowledge of the Crop Circle Ship reveals physical elements of the construction are directly comparable with well known concepts like Quarks, Antimatter, Photons, Black Holes, Neutron Stars and Neutrinos.


The Crop Circle Ship in its most obvious form utilizes three Platonic Solids, namely the Tetrahedron, Octahedron and the Cube. The Icosahedron and Dodecahedron are also accessed directly from other physical properties within the Ship.


Jeremy believes that human crop circle makers, or hoaxers as they are often called, are an integral part of the Crop Circle phenomenon and are inseparable from the genuine phenomenon. Many known man-made Crop Circle formations have been established to contain legitimate and useful technical information in the context of the Crop Circle Ship.

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